The BikeStore

A group of hardcore cyclists from Kochi started The Bike Store as a small retail brand selling good quality bikes and accessories. Because of the superior quality of their products, the efficiency of their servicing and their active role in developing a biking community in Kochi, they became the go-to store for the growing number of biking enthusiasts in the city. When they were ready to expand and transform into an impressive cycling boutique in Kochi providing the finest selection of bicycles and accessories, custom bike fits and efficient servicing, they approached us with the task of rebranding their identity. We had to create a new brand identity that will represent this transformation. A biking community created by the founders paved the way for the creation of the brand and hence they were particular about portraying the team spirit of this community of cyclists as the central element in the new identity.

My Roles

Space Audit


Retail Experience Design

Developing Material Standards

Before / After

Materials & Finishes

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User Journey & Placements

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