I am Sudhith, a designer and visual artist for the past 14 years! Nowadays mostly focused on Brand Identity Design & UI/UX Design. I have started the journey as a designer out of my curiosity and urge to build things and expreiences that solves problems. I am curious about art, design, technology and social life and i beleive those curiosities are making me a better designer and giving me diverse insights. I am looking forward to work with people from various industries and walks of life to create kickass experiences!

Currently running my design studio with a talentend bunch of creatives! More at: Pixel Nirvana Design Studio

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Thanks for stopping by! I am in the process of building my portfolio and it will be live soon. For the time being, I would love to share some of my works via my dropbox.



UI / UX / Brand Identity / Brand Strategy / Graphic Design / Retail Experience Design

Creative Director

Graphic Design / Photography / Digital Art / Interactive Design / Editorial Design / UI / UX


Blockchain / UI-UX / Brand Identity / Growth / Sustainability / Presentations and Museums / Retail Experiences / Technology/ Digital Presence / Metaverse / Editorial


Visiting Faculty at Saintgits Design School & SH School of Communications. Conducted workshops and training programmes for design and management students 


Editorial / Still Life / Product / Fine Art / Documentary


Multi-disciplinary artist / Exhibition Curated by Riyas Komu


Pixel Nirvana is an interdisciplinary design studio based in Cochin / Kochi. It has been an organic expansion of my early career as a freelancer. We have grown from a graphic design / print oriented studio to a multi - disciplinary design studio.

Over the course of ten plus years, we have worked on projects ranging from branding to ui / ux and retail experince design with clients both local and international. Our design process is deeply rooted in research and good design thinking.

Route Cochin is an online magazine published from Kochi, a port city and an emerging metropolis  at the southern end of India. The magazine delves deep into the culture of Kochi, through stories unearthing its eventful past, exploring the interesting juncture the city is at today and envisaging the days to come.

In an age of short-lived, trending content, we create carefully crafted stories with a strong research backing. Through new and innovative ways of visual storytelling the magazine explores life in Kochi and beyond.

Coming Home:
The Shamanic Way

Featuring | Shaman Rakhee

Directed and Produced | Hari M Mohanan

Executive Producer | Jorge van Meerkerk

Title Design | Sudhith Xavier

Design Studio | Pixel Nirvana 


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Poster Design by Sudhith Xavier

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My First NFT Today!

12 March 2021  |  Minted On: Rarible

Had a wonderful time playing around with NFT marketplaces and minted my first NFT! Check it out in the link below and more waitng to be minted!


UI / UX Design

Research, Strategic Thinking, Cognitive Psychology, User Empathy, UX Documentation, Visual Communication, Collaboration

Brand Identity Design

Visual Communication Mastery, Brand Thinking, Socio-Cultural Understanding, Story Telling, Typography, An Eye For Detail, Visual Design


Digital Art, Visual Narative Skills, Good Camera Skills, Lighting, Color, Experimental With Mediums 

Apps & Ecosystems

Figma, Sketch, Zeplin, Invision, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Indesign, Final Cut Pro and Good Old Paper and Pencil!


1988 - 1997

Had an entire house as my canvas to draw and had the luxury to get it repainted when the canvas was filled - twice :D As I grew, the canvas was scaled down for convenience to dot-matrix print sheets to A4 canvases and to almost all of my notebooks! Used to build scale model stuffs like churches, homes, small parks, Chinese Fishing Nets, telescopes, periscopes, hearing aids, small books about coins and currencies stun guns, custom build speakers and what ever captures my interest!

I fell in love with the huge collection of National Geographic Magazines from my uncle's book shelf, was curious about my father's architectural drawings, was in love with craftsmanship and perfection, Renaissance art, Gothic and Classical architecture and sculptures by Raphel and paintings by Leonardo da Vinci which I got exposed to from my aunt's collection of books - I didn't care about the artist - didn't even knew their names until i got a bit more interested in books and reading :P But I loved their works! Was into collecting all sorts of curios and collectebles including coins, currencies, stamps and old watches.

Fun Fact: My family thought I will become a priest seeing me build churches. But I was 'building' churches - the big, facinating structures that I have seen!

1998 - 2002

Left pencil, paper, mud, stone and cement affairs and fell in love with a Pentium ii 333 of my cousin and a Celeron of my best friend, Mathew and a magical piece of software called Photoshop! Played with it and I could instantly loved the way in which i could instantly visualise my ideas from almost - zero material possession! It was all a translation from virtual to virtual! Got to see Pirates of Silicon Valley and was amazed by the way of life there - geeks and artists all in one! Started to explore photography.

2003 - 2007

Got my first personal computer, almost spent my entire 'other' times with it! Created wallpapers for myself, started sharing some in deviantart.com. Got my first commissioned works. Learned about printing technologies and print making. Studied Sociology, Anthropology, Social Psychology, Industrial Sociology, Research Methodology and some Economics in between and graduated!

Designed my first magazine for my college followed by 3 commissioned magazine works and one more college magazine - learned a lot there - all by myself and with the help of an EDGE/GPRS tethered Internet :D Fell in love with Macs, started with Hackintosh projects and made some for my friends as well! Worked as an 'unauthorised evangelist' for Mac OSX and Apple Computer Inc. and got some of my friends to buy new macs! Started to take part time freelancing options more seriously. Bought my firtst camera: Canon EOS 500, a film camera. Had started to experiment with conceptual photography and digital art.

Dropped out of my post graduation and tried working in some creative agencies - realised that i could do better things with my time and dropped out, learned to design  websites and web apps.

2008 - 2010

Officially started Sudhith Xavier's Design Studio. Started to get commisioned projects for branding, web, UI / UX design and got more interested in UX and product development. Has worked for a bunch of interesting projects both on UX and UI side of things. Major learning resources where Smashing Magazine, Don't Make Me Think, UX Magazine and other blogs and books.

Tried and failed to create an iOS app along with one of my developer friend :D Bought my first real Mac! Started a bunch of blogs, wrote design articles, tech reviews, social reflections and some philosophy :D Put out many coming soon pages for some of my venture ideas - which didn't see the light of the day!

Moved on with the design studio and explored more of my interests. Got interested in Urban Design, documentary film making, online magazines and more. Started thinking about a workspace outside of my bed room to start a magazine on Cochin, the city in which i was born and brought up!

2011 - 2016

Started two of my ventures: Route Cochin and Pixel Nirvana Design Studio. Started working on the idea and branding part. Structured and kickstarted the ventures and hired a bunch of people along the way. Got couple of great people on board and got some misfits as well! Learned a lot about entrepreneurship, people and about relationships :) Told many interesting stories through Route Cochin and learned more about Cochin, urban design, other great cities and digital publishing :)

Built a kickass brand around Route Cochin and I have enjoyed every bit of it! Created couple of videos including the Biennale Song. Got to learn many things, got press access to many places - like Mayor's office, strategic city planning meetings, conferences, private gatherings, community gatherings, Biennale advisory board meetings, a meeting with Stefan Sagmeister... and learned a lot in the process. Worked with many talented and amazing creators. Helped Route Cochin evolve along with my commander in chief @ananyarajoo!

Got my documentary photography and product photography skills polished! Designed a kickass web-experience for RouteCochin.com. Designed more web, mobile and brand experiences! Helped build more brand experiences and in the process, travelled a bit too :D Started exploring Retail Experience design as the part of UX design. Got to do couple of RE design projects and it was fun!

2017 - *

Got curated by Riyas Komu! One of our stories in RouteCochin about the Dutch bread called Breudher got curated by Riyas Komu for his art exhibition named Mattancherry at URU art harbour. Did the exhibition with @ananyarajoo! Traveled to DXB to experience the city and the design scene there. Got to work on more branding, UI and UX design projects! Pixel Nirvana got curated as one among the studios in 'A Curated List of India’s most Innovative Branding & Design Studios'!

Now working on taking Pixel Nirvana to the next level and surveying new grounds! 

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