Bolgati - A Bespoke Sartorial Web Experience

We were asked to craft an end to end web experience for this amazing venture from Branding to UI/UX to Art Direction! It was a project were i enjoyed both going wide and deep in different departments.

My Roles

UI Design

UX Consultation

Design Lead + Art Direction

Icon and Visual Design


UI Design

Home Page

Home Page Detail01 – 1x

Product Page

Product Page Detail01 – 1x
Product Page Custom 01 – 2x
Product Page Standard 01 – 2x

UI Elements

Tooltip Custom-1x
Tooltip Standard-1x
Review Customization-1x
Modal Windows -1x copy

UX Process & Behind The Scenes

User Flow – Wireframe@2x-100
Parameter Costomizations – Wireframe@2x-100
Sitemap List – Wireframe@2x-100
Product Page 01 – Wireframe@2x-100
Product Page 02 – Wireframe@2x-100
UI Wireframes 01@2x-100
UI Wireframes 02@2x-100
UI Wireframes 03@2x-100
UI Elements 02@2x-100
UI Elements 01@2x-100
UI Elements 03 Type and Spacing@2x-100

UI Illustrations

UI Illustrations 05 Shirts@2x-100
UI Illustrations 01 Shirts@2x-100
UI Illustrations 04 Marketing@2x-100
UI Illustrations 03 Measurements@2x-100
UI Illustrations 02 Measurements@2x-100

UI Photography

Bolgati Photo Solo 01 copy
Bolgati Photo Collage 02 copy