The BikeStore - Retail Experience Design

This one is for a community driven bike store. I have worked closely with the team at The BikeStore, India. The project started a rebranding exercise and there after designing and developing a more elaborate experience focusing on retail and the user journey within the physical store and to help translate the brand language into the physical space. It was a different experience for me to take my UX skills and plot it in a physical space. 

My Roles

Space Audit


Retail Experience Design

Developing Material Standards



Shop Facade Graphics@2x-100
Shop Facade Options@2x-100

Materials & Finishes

Brand Materials@2x-100
Material Spec Sheet@2x-100
Facade Elements@2x-100

User Journey & Placements

Store Blue Print@2x-100
Store Heat Map@2x-100
User Flow@2x-100
Product Placement@2x-100
Display Zones@2x-100
Bike Hanger@2x-100